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Playoff Structure

a) The playoff structure shall be altered to accommodate teams directed by Hockey Alberta to participate in Provincial Playoffs as provided in Hockey Alberta
    Regulations. Such changes shall be subject to approval by the League.

b) Teams finishing 1st to 6th in each Division, as determined by final regular season standings, shall compete in a Playoff Series. The First Round will be a
    Best of Three Series as follows:

    SERIES P1N North Division Quarterfinal (3 versus 6)
    SERIES P2N North Division Quarterfinal (4 versus 5)
    SERIES P1S South Division Quarterfinal (3 versus 6)
    SERIES P2S South Division Quarterfinal (4 versus 5)
    The 1st & 2nd Place Teams in Both Divisions will get a bye.

c) Following the First Round, the teams will be seeded (highest to lowest) according to Final League standings and compete in the following Best of Five
    Playoff Series:

    SERIES A North Division Semifinal (1 versus 4)
    SERIES B North Division Semifinal (2 versus 3)
    SERIES C South Division Semifinal (1 versus 4)
    SERIES D South Division Semifinal (2 versus 3)
    SERIES E North Division Final (Winner A versus B)
    SERIES F South Division Final (Winner C versus D)
    SERIES G League Championship (Winner E versus F)

d) Procedure for determining Final Regular Season Standings in the event teams are tied following the Regular Season Schedule:

    I)    (a) If three teams are tied, final standings will be determined by the number of wins in total League Play.
           (b) If two teams are tied, the team with the Best Record in Games Played between the two tied teams will receive the higher standing.
    II)   If still tied, the Best Goal Differential in total League Play will determine the standing. (Example: Team A has 123 goals for and 81 goals against,
           their differential is +42).
    III)  If still tied, the best goal differential in games played between the tied teams will determine the standing.

e) In the event a playoff game ends in a tie after three regulation periods, sudden victory per CHA Rule #83 will apply.